Develop and implement policies and programmes as well as undertake other necessary actions that will strengthen the national health system to be able to deliver effective, efficient and quality services.


Reduce the morbidity and mortality due to communicable diseases to the bearest minimum.

Reverse the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases.

Meet global tergets on the elimination and eradication of diseases.
Siginficantly increase the life expectancy of and quality of life of Nigerians.

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Federal Medical Centre, Katsina, was first built by Katsina State Government to serve as a Specialist Hospital in the state capital.
Following the Federal Government's policy to establish a tertiary Health Institution in each state, Katsina State Government released the structure and vast land of 546.182 acres to Federal Government for the purpose in 1996.
Clinical activities started at Federal Medical Centre, Katsina in 1998.
The main functions of the Centre are medical care, training and research.
The Centre being a tertiary hospital focus its attention towards the provision of specialized medical services and serve as a referral centre for Katsina State.

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